Bombs Away! Season Finale Thursday at Graduate Hotel

Stephen Hundley, a graduate of the Ole Miss MFA writing program, has published his first novel, Bomb Island (Hub City Press).

The setting is a barrier island paradise off the coast of Georgia featuring a hippie commune of treehouses, wild horses on the beach, fishing for food, and tranquil sunsets. A Hawaiian shirt come to life.

Oh, except for the wild tiger stalking the residents and the unexploded hydrogen bomb entombed underwater on one end of the island.

There’s also an armed-and-crazy charter fishing captain, a pierced and tatted Romeo and Juliet-style couple, a wizened mother sage named Whistle and an old guy hero named Nutzo.

What’s even weirder: the bomb is based on an actual bomb.

This book is the gonzo beach read for our time.

Hear more as Thacker winds up our season this Thursday, April 18 at 6 pm at the Graduate Hotel.

FREE Admission! Public invited – Bar service available

Author: Bomb Island author Stephen Hundley (Copies available at the show)
Music: Gospel rockers the Wilkins Sisters and Nashville duo Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel

Hosts: Jim Dees with Paul Tate and the Yalobushwhacker Big Band with the Thacker Horns and vocalist Mary Frances Massey

Season Finale! – Last Oxford show until September – Goin’ Out with a Big Band! – Surf’s up! – See yall Thursday at the Graduate!