Host Post: ‘Glad and happy when we meet’

by Jim Dees – We are reeling over the news that Snooky Williams of Water Valley has passed away. He was 87 and had been very sick but prior to his illness, Snooky was so very much alive. He and his sweet (and unnaturally funny) wife, Mary Lou, were the earliest supporters of our show, going back to Thacker’s very first broadcast in October 1997. Over the past 20 years the two of them have occupied the same seats – second row on the aisle, left side – week after week after week for over 500 shows. As massive as the loss is for the Williams and Thacker families, my heart explodes for Mary Lou. For over 50 years, she and Snooky were a couple’s couple. If you saw one without the other, you wondered why. If you weren’t smiling, you soon would be.

Tomorrow (Thursday, 11-15) at the Lyric, is Thacker Mountain Radio’s last live show of 2018. The occasion isn’t joyous but our show, booked weeks in advance, was planned for maximum joy. We have the funniest writer in America (Harrison Scott Key), funky blues (Eden Brent), deep Delta stories (Hank Burdine) and nifty songwriting (Milton). Plus our so-cool-they’re-hot house band, the Yalobushwhackers.

Maximum joy is still the plan. Our show will kick off at 6 pm on that old Lyric stage and every musical note, every story, every minute, will be dedicated to Snooky. Anyone who shows up for 500 shows – with heart and wallet – must have faith in what you’re doing. We don’t intend to betray such trust.

Thank you, Snooky and Mary Lou. We grieve but rejoice. Snooky would want the show to go on, of course, and he’d appreciate it if the music was top-notch and the stories were strong and maybe even a laugh or two. That’s exactly what we’re bringing.

Please join us at the Lyric.

For a preview, check out Harrison’s hilarious 3-minute video about his new book:

Thacker Mountain Radio Hour Season Finale Thursday, Nov. 15 at 6 pm at The Lyric Oxford (1006 Van Buren Ave, Oxford, MS 38655). FREE admission. Cash bar. Plenty of seating. Bring a friend and join us for this special show.
Radio: WUMS 92.1 FM (Oxford)

Photo: John Cooper Lawton