Host Post: Stay home; stay tuned!

In the “normal” world, when a beautiful springtime (or crisp fall) Thursday rolls around, it’s Thacker Mountain Radio Hour day! No matter how busy or butt-hurt my Thursday has been, near 6 pm, as I round the corner heading to Off Square Books, chump-change grievances melt away, replaced by friendly faces, creative vibes and solid performing chops. We’ve got a show to do!

And the whole thing will be broadcast/streamed live to every corner of the globe, warts and all. Heavy on the warts.

Even after 20 years and 600+ shows, I will readily admit: it still feels magical.



Now, in this current twilight zone of death and disruption, one might ask, ‘Who needs radio?’ Answer: All of us, now more than ever.

Here at Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, we are in awe of medical workers, first-responders, and other personnel putting their lives on the line. Our humble contribution to the current crisis is to offer a one-hour respite, for those with the luxury to sit and listen and find comfort in our words and tunes. God bless yall all.

This Saturday, April 4

Author Leesa Cross-Smith has a very inventive story collection, So We Can Glow. We’ll also have two witty and lively acoustic groups, songwriter (and young Bob Dylan love child) Josh Okeefe and Memphis duo, Me and Leah. All three appear by magic and Dropbox.

PLUS, from the archive, a very special 2010 performance by blues harmonica master, Charlie Musselwhite, (pictured above) backed by the Yalobushwhackers (circa 2010) including Slade Lewis, Mark Yacovone, Wallace Lester and our late, sorely-missed brother, Duff Dorrough. Musselwhite sings about his battle with alcohol in his rocking original, “The Well,” as the band cooks behind him. Must-hear radio.

Yes, we can produce quality radio shows while socially distant but, still…  we miss the audience, the human interaction, the energy. (Not to mention the post-show drink and garlic shrimp at City Grocery).

I miss that unnerving sense of relief and apprehension from having performed the show but not 100% sure if it actually came off. Luckily, that’s what Saturdays are for. The only time I can truly listen to the show and really hear what happened is Saturday nights at 7 pm on MPB.

On Saturdays at home, right around seven, my lady and I mix up a couple of frosty fizzies, pull up our stuffed wicker chairs, and crank it! Hope yall will too.

For now, I’ll still miss Thursdays.




Hear here:

Mississippi: Saturday, April 4 at 7 pm: Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Alabama: Saturday, April 4 at 9 pm: Alabama Public Radio

This week’s guests:

Author: Leesa Cross-Smith (“So We Can Glow”)

Music: Songwriter Josh Okeefe (“Bloomin’”), acoustic duo, Me & Leah (“Most of Your Life”) and a special archival appearance by blues legend, Charlie Musselwhite!

Hosts: Jim Dees and our house band, the Yalobushwhackers