Thacker News – Radio show issues statement on racial injustice

The Board of Directors of The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour has issued the following statement regarding events surrounding the May 25, 2020 homicide of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

“The Board of Directors of The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour would like to express our solidarity with the protests now occurring around the world against injustices to Black Americans. This is not a political issue but a moral issue that certainly affects past and future artists on our show. As noted in our mission statement, ‘Thacker Mountain Radio Hour promotes the rich, cultural heritage of the arts in a diverse South.’

“That includes ALL artists and musicians. In our efforts to assure diversity, we want to let those impacted by injustice know that we have a moral conscience and see them not only as performers to enhance our show, but as fellow/sister human beings. That would be the true fulfillment of our mission.

“It almost passes human understanding how a people can be so despised and yet artistically esteemed.

The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour rejects racism and injustice and stands with all people and artists of color.”