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A Season on the Brink

A sports comeback for the ages plus roots and jazz!


The Southern Way of Life

An evening of southern history, improvisational violin and original tunes!


The House of Eve

Two stories of 1950s motherhood plus good-timey roots music!


Everyone’s a suspect!

Suspense in the Deep South plus rollin' and tumbling blues and neo-soul grooves!


Small town intrigue, big band soul!

Decent People... and some who aren't


Lost 2012 Christmas show airs this weekend

Recently unearthed holiday show features Jake Fussell, Shannon McNally, Beth Ann Fennelly and more!


You Are My Sunshine!

Life and love on a "really long bike ride," plus southern beats and Creole licks!


Women (and skate punks) of country music!

Keeping Texas Weird with stories and songs!


The Vicious Circle!

Suspense in paradise with Memphis grooves and Forrest tunes!

October 27, 2022 Listen

25th Anniversary Show!

Big brass blowout celebrating 25 years on the air!


Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking!

An evening of Mississippi poetry and tunes and tales from Tennessee

October 22, 2022 Listen