Return to Off Square Books!

Visiting our old stomping ground for ghost stories, world percussion and "alta-rock-countrybilly!"

Off Square Books 129 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS October 6, 2022 at 6 pm

Thursday, Oct. 6 at 6 pm – A return to our original broadcast home, Off Square Books, for ghost stories, world beats and “after midnight” country tunes from New Orleans.

Author: Adam SotoConcerning Those Who Have Fallen Asleep

Music: Shawn Williams Wallowing in the Night and members of the University of Mississippi World Percussion Ensemble

Hosts: Jim Dees and our house band, the Yalobushwhackers

Air times:

Thursday, Oct. 6 – 6 pm (CT) WUMS 92.1 FM University of Mississippi

Friday, Oct. 14 – 6 am (CT) WYXR 91.7 FM Memphis, TN

Saturday, Oct. 15 – 3 pm (ET) WUTC 88.1 FM Chattanooga, TN

7pm (CT) Mississippi Public Broadcasting

9pm (CT) Alabama Public Radio

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Adam Soto

Adam Soto, author of the debut novel This Weightless World, which was called “The social novel for the 21st century,” returns with Concerning Those Who Have Fallen Asleep (Astral House).

In the title story, a one-armed Harlem Hellfighter goes in search of his specially altered military uniform while Influenza ravages Philadelphia. In “Sleepy Things,” a man is bound to the bedside of his comatose girlfriend who haunts his mother’s dreams. In “Wren & Riley,” a couple travels to Wyoming to visit a childhood friend who killed her abusive husband. And in “The Vegetable Church,” a pair of Syrian sisters, refugees of the civil war, find themselves at a crossroads in the home of their European hosts while their dead father whispers to them words of comfort and guidance.

The stories in Concerning Those Who Have Fallen Asleep are strange, unsettling, and “weird in all the best ways possible.”

Adam Soto lives with his wife in Austin, Texas, where he is a teacher and a musician.


Shawn Williams

Hailing from the melting pot of New Orleans, Shawn Williams makes music that’s every bit as diverse and hauntingly soulful as her hometown. She calls it “alt-rocka countrybilly, serial killer blues,” carving out an atmospheric sound that blends amplified guitars, rawly honest lyrics, and nocturnal arrangements into her own brand of Americana-noire.

Wallowin’ in the Night, her fourth full-length record, features The Iguanas and adds a new dimension to Williams’ musical mix, unfolding like a soundtrack to the long, lonely hours after midnight.

“I’ve always been drawn to dark themes,” she explains. “Maybe it comes from being in New Orleans. Maybe it comes from my love of the desert. It just flows out of me from somewhere else.”

UM World Percussion Ensemble

The group is led by associate professor Ricky Burkhead, who has been on the Ole Miss faculty since 1994, teaching applied percussion, percussion ensembles, steel drum and salsa band. He formed the popular University of Mississippi Steel Drum Band in 1995.

Burkhead has performed extensively in a wide variety of venues from blues clubs to jazz ensembles to symphony orchestras. He has presented steel drum clinics across the US South as well as in Jamaica, Argentina and Uruguay.

Burkhead became the drummer for the Thacker house band, the Yalobushwhackers, in 2016.

(Note: Photo depicts 2020 edition of the group).