• Host Post: To Thine Own Weird Be True

    by Jim Dees – Few rock and roll musicians have stayed truer to their weirdness than Gustavo Antonio Nelson, known on stages, galleries, shacks and lofts around the world as

  • Host Post: What Happened to Rolling Stone Magazine?

    By Jim Dees – To answer that question, we have an enthralling new book, Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine (Knopf) by Joe

  • Thacker Mountain Radio Anniversary Member’s Party

    Help us carry on the celebration! The party will continue after our 20th Anniversary show this Thursday, October 19th! Help us carry on the celebration at our member’s party which

  • Host Post: Move for the Groove

    by Jim Dees – Would you die for your art? The band, Songhoy Blues, stared down that dilemma in 2012. Their town of Gao, in northern Mali, west Africa, was over-run

  • Host Post: Love and War

    by Jim Dees – If there are two subjects that pique the southern reader, it’s dogs and the Civil War. This week on The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, our authors

  • Host Post: You Can Go Home Again

    by Jim Dees –  The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour kicks off its fall season (and 20th anniversary year!) today in the friendly confines of Off Square Books on the Oxford

  • Thacker News: Thacker Mountain Radio honored by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

      The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, the long-running music and literature program heard weekly on Mississippi Public Broadcasting, was awarded a “Certificate of Merit” by the Mississippi Institute of Arts

  • Host Post: Dead, Not Gone

    by Jim Dees If Mississippi’s most notable cultural exports are words and music, the work of the late Willie Morris and Jim Dickinson ordains them as two of our state’s

  • Host Post: Whiskey of Whisper Mountain

    by Jim Dees – Greg Iles is our “headliner” on Thacker this week but our “other” author is a powerhouse as well. Troylyn Bell and her husband, Charlie, an engineer

  • Host Post: “I like fast music.”

      by Jim Dees At age 85, Sonny Burgess may be the oldest guest we’ve ever had on The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour. He’s definitely the oldest rock and roller.

  • Host Post: Art Rocks!

        The disco ball at Off Square Books puts it own spin on each edition of the Thacker Mountain Radio Hour. by Jim Dees – This week produced the heart-warming sight

  • Host Post: Party with a Purpose

    by Jim Dees – In the early frontier days of Thacker, there was no mission statement or outreach strategy, other than getting through the hour without knocking something over. Seventeen

  • Host Post: Out with a Bang and a Twang

    by Jim Dees – The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour is ringing down the curtain on a great fall season this Thursday, Nov. 17 at 6 pm at the Lyric Oxford.

  • Host Post: Wrong Side of the Microphone

    by Jim Dees – The first time I met George Plasketes he quoted Groucho Marx, “You can leave in a huff. If that’s too soon, you can leave in a

  • Host Post: Ghosts of the Future

    by Jim Dees – We love doing Thacker Mountain Radio at the Lyric. The acoustics are great and there’s room for more people yet it’s still small enough to be

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